Why You Will Never FIX Your INNER GAME.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably want to fix your inner game.

Many people think that fixing their inner game is a bit like getting a seduction ‘superweapon’…

Which will give them the ability to attract women everywhere they go.

But there’s something I need to tell you. Here it goes –

Sorry, but it’s impossible to fix your inner game.

It doesn’t matter how much work you put into it.

It doesn’t matter how much seduction theory you read. It doesn’t matter how many women you approach.

Nothing is going to fix it. I really am sorry.

Don’t panic though – not everything is lost. There is a light at the end of this tunnel for all of us.

You see, the reason you can never fix your inner game is because in order for you to be able to fix something, it first has to be broken.

And your inner game can never actually *BE* broken.

“But it is broken!’, I hear you object. “If it wasn’t broken I’d be able to approach, meet and attract women everywhere I go!”.

Well, it’s not broken. And neither are you. In fact, you’re the exact opposite. You’re actually perfect.

Yeah, I know this sounds like a dirty lie but consider this:

Why do you think you get nervous around beautiful women? Do you think you’ve got some kind of genetic fault that makes you lose your shit when you approach a woman you really like?

Well, do you get nervous around a Ferrari? Hmm…

Do you think you have an evolutionary program that makes your chest tighten and your mouth go dry when you see something you want?

Well, would your chest tighten and your mouth go dry if you saw a large mound of money?

Your nervousness is actually there for a very good reason. It’s not a fault or a defect, it’s actually a perfectly designed defense mechanism.

Somewhere during your life, you’ve associated putting your self out there, doing what you want, and following your desires with experiencing pain.

And to protect yourself from experiencing it again, your brain has developed this defense mechanism.

And now, when you see a beautiful woman, you associate approaching that creature of perfection with the seemingly high risk of experiencing pain.

When you think about approaching her, your body goes into anxiety mode.

The anxiety you experience is just your brain thinking that pain is around the corner – and you shouldn’t do what you were about to.

It’s pretty simple.

This mechanism is the same mechanism that kept your ancestors around for hundreds of thousands of years and is one of the main reasons you’re alive today.

And you want to ‘fix’ it??

It’s the same mechanism that your brain uses to stop yourself from burning yourself in a fire. It’s the same mechanism that your brain uses to stop you from running out in front of cars traveling at high speed.

Do you seriously want to get rid of the mechanism that you use to stop yourself from experiencing pain?

This mechanism is something you’ve used to because you perceived it was going to help you not to experience pain.

If you find that it’s not going to help you get what you want now, you can definitely change it. But there’s no way to “fix” it.

How do you change it? Well, you can start changing the way you see the world.

You can change what you think is going to cause you pain. You can change how you perceive you achieve happiness.

But there’s nothing to fix. Right now, you’re the product of a perfect mechanism. A perfectly designed survival machine.

If you want to fine tune that survival machine, start off by downloading the Seduction Community Sucks book and then do the Inner Game Challenge.

But there’s no way you can fix your inner game because, right now, in this moment, you are absolutely perfect.



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